Mediation Systems Consultancy  

  • Specialised in Mediation System Design
  • Technical Design Architect for a number of Mediation Systems
  • Call Scenarios Analysis
  • Specialised in Telephone Switch Protocols such as System X, DMS XFER, DX200


  • Indepth implementation knowledge on X.25 protocol
  • Expect in TCP/IP and socket (XTI) interface
  • Over 20 years experience in Telecommunication Industries

Test Data Generation

  • Provide Consultancy for Test Data Generator Designs
  • Indepth knowledge of Test Data Generation Requirements
  • Aim to provide a generic tools for Test Data Generation in the future

Web Design

  • Provide Initial Designing of Web Sites
  • Arrange Domain Name and Hosting
  • Arrange Web Hosting
  • Provide Web Site Maintenance Services